Really really setting the default browser is XFCE

I had the problem that Evolution kept opening Firefox when I’d click a link even though I have Google Chrome set as my default browser in the XFCE Settings. After a little digging, I found this obscure post. Issueing the first command gvfs-mime --query x-scheme-handler/http told me :

This tool has been deprecated, use ‘gio mime’ instead.
See ‘gio help mime’ for more info.

gio: Unknown option –query


Get or set the handler for a mimetype.

If no handler is given, lists registered and recommended applications
for the mimetype. If a handler is given, it is set as the default
handler for the mimetype.

Aha! so then the command gio mime x-scheme-handler/http told me :

Default application for “x-scheme-handler/http”: firefox.desktop
Registered applications:
Recommended applications:

Well that’s weird. It looks like Google Chrome is first in line after all. So what the eff? No matter, I’ll force it. I don’t usually try to force things, because that’s oftentimes how you break stuff, but this should be fine.

$ gio mime x-scheme-handler/http google-chrome.desktop
Set google-chrome.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/http

And don’t forget HTTPS!

$ gio mime x-scheme-handler/https google-chrome.desktop
Set google-chrome.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/https

Boom. Don’t even have to logout and back in.

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