Our latest foster is an absolute sweetheart

We got another foster dog a few days ago, and she is the sweetest. She was in a kill shelter with her mom and siblings. They were all added to the list to be euthanized since no one would take them. The mom, her 5 puppies, and 2 other adult dogs, all pit bulls, were…

Kratky Method Hydroponics

In researching hydroponics on the Internet, I ran across something pretty amazing. It’s Kratky Method which is a totally passive, zero electricity method for hydroponics. Yeah, dead simple. I’ve been working on getting my own hydroponics system setup and have been researching various circulation systems and methods, different layouts, blah, blah, etc. Then I discovered…

How to Rename Similar Files at the Command Prompt Using Sed

Using a simple “script” at the command line, you can rename a bunch of similar filenames with ease. Say you’ve got something like: foo-001, foo-002 and foo-003, but you want them to be bar-001, bar-002 and bar-003. The script will look like : $ for i in `ls -1 foo*`; do mv $i `echo $i…

Art vs. Clients

I’ve been working on a pair of custom tank bags for a motorcycle build for the Revival Handbuilt Motorcycle show in Austin, TX. I actually already completed the bags once and they looked great even though there were a couple small functional issues. But the client hated (she actually said hate) the natural leather that…

Unsolicited Advice

It seems like everyone always has advice to offer about why you shouldn’t pursue done new idea. Occasionally they’re right, but mostly they are just projecting their own fear of failure. Listen, but make your own decisions.


I’ve just recently started into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency. I’m currently CPU mining Litecoin. I know I’ll never make a significant amount, but I think it’s fun. If I make a few cents here and there, that’s fine. Maybe I can get a usable video card at Goodwill or something and try GPU mining.

I hope this isn’t boring.

This is the personal blog of Russell Stinnett. That’s me. I’m thinking it will mostly just be stories as I remember them, idle ramblings, life updates, projects, interests, etc. Maybe someone will find it interesting. Who knows. It’s not really for anyone but me anyway.