Wild Swings in the Market

Today I witnessed some wild swings in the options market. I’m currently holding 5 stocks that were recommended in a recent Seeking Alpha article and 2 options contracts each for 2 weed stocks. The stocks did okay. Three up and 2 down for the day, but all up overall. The options were a totally different [...]

Kratky Method Hydroponics

In researching hydroponics on the Internet, I ran across something pretty amazing. It’s Kratky Method which is a totally passive, zero electricity method for hydroponics. Yeah, dead simple. I’ve been working on getting my own hydroponics system setup and have been researching various circulation systems and methods, different layouts, blah, blah, etc. Then I discovered [...]

3D Printing Problems

My printer had been working pretty well for a long time. The quality had started to slowly degrade, but I still considered it well within acceptable tolerances. Then, finally, I started experiencing intermittent clogs. I tried cleaning the nozzle as best as I could, soaking in acetone (well, my girlfriend’s nail polish remover), heating the [...]

Import Google contacts into abook

I’ve been trying to figure out how to import Google contacts into abook for awhile. I was repeatedly disappointed that I couldn’t find any useful and up-to-date instructions or scripts. It turns out that abook is way more powerful and configurable than I thought. The answer was right in front of me the whole time. [...]