Antminer and a Minor Setback

gridseeds and antminer
Mining rig in its current (broken) state

I got my new Antminer S3+ hooked up and working last night. Had a few snags with network config, but finally got it mining on Super exciting. Then I hooked my 2 Gridseed back up and BOOM!! Dead power supply. I guess all together, those things draw more than a kilowatt. Damn. Guess I’ll have scavenge another p/s.

So far, I really like the Antminer. I didn’t realize that it has a very basic embedded Linux on it, which allows for a nice web interface. I noticed that it uses cgminer which is installed on it by default. Initially, I couldn’t find it on my network, but that could have been my fault. I ended up just resetting it to factory defaults just to be sure its address was, then I was able to figure it out. I got the IP changed to match my network, got the gateway and DNS set, and it was off mining. When it first started going, I had my 2 Gridseeds running on the same power supply and it got overloaded and shutdown. Then, like an idiot, I got the Antminer going again and plugged in the Gridseeds one at a time (4 blades). Then it was going, going…. Boom! Dammit.

Well, lesson learned I guess. I’ll have to either find a new power supply or repair this one. I didn’t see any scorch marks or clearly exploded capacitors, so I’m unsure what it could be. Oh well. Live and learn.

Next project (after fixing this one) is getting my new server up and running mining Zcash!

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