The Internet and Communication

I know this is a topic that has been covered a lot by a lot of people, but I think that it bears repeating. When communicating with some one on the Internet, whether through email, social media like Facebook or Reddit, on forums, IRC, or whatever, remember that there is a real, live person on the other end. This is especially important with product or service reviews or in forums where people ask a lot of questions about a particular topic. Imagine that the person that made that product or asked that question is standing in front of you, waiting for your response, and you will have to deal with the reaction of the person in real time and in real life. Even better, imagine that you are the person making the thing or asking the question. How would you want some one to answer?

Remember that we all had to start somewhere. No one is born just knowing everything. We want to encourage people to ask questions and develop new things. That’s how we make ourselves collectively better.

So quit being such a dick and maybe try helping some one out now and then.

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