Slow Carb Diet – day 5 (CHEAT DAY!!)

9:00 am 166.2 lbs / 17.8% BF / 62.7% water

I know this really should be Day 6, but I started on a Tuesday and I want Saturday to be cheat day. I’m probably more excited about cheat day than I should be. Or maybe that’s how it’s supposed to work. Delayed gratification and “reward” for making it through the other 6 days (which really weren’t that bad). Anyway, let’s get this party started.

I’m not even going to list meals. I’m just kinda going to be at the trough all day.

apple fritter (pretty small one. it said 340 calories on the tray.)
small Simple Orange juice
some cookies and cream ice cream (i’ll finish the pint today for sure.)

Actual, cooked breakfast included 2 fried eggs, chicken thigh, 4 smallish cinnamon pancakes topped with fried bananas and agave nectar (didn’t have maple syrup) and 12 oz coffee with milk and sugar. Not a bad start, if a little late.

I had to come back to the last pancake and half a fried banana that I washed down with another mug of coffee with cream and sugar. Then I had some more ice cream. I’m very full.

After working in the yard for a while and just drinking water, I had an apple for a snack. I haven’t had nearly as much fruit as I wanted. I was really looking forward to fruit. Oh well.

Then dinner time rolled around and it was finally time to head to Dan’s Hamburgers. I love cheese burgers. One medium jalapeno cheese burger, small fries and a small chocolate shake. I forgot to weigh the burger (or anything for that matter), but it was pretty big. It might be better that I didn’t weigh anything. I might have felt too ashamed to continue. It was all delicious and I ate every bite.

And now I finished my ice cream from this morning. I don’t feel proud… or very well. It’s funny that I used to eat at least this much every day, but then I rode bicycle delivery all day and pedicabbed at night on the weekends. Who knows how many calories I consumed or burned. I weighed 145 pounds though.

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