Vegan RXBar Recipe

I’m working on a vegan RX Bar recipe based almost completely on the packaging. I looked up the average protein per egg white (the RX Bar has the equivalent of 3 egg whites) to determine how much pea protein and sprouted brown rice protein to replace it with so that each bar has about 10g [...]

Slow Carb Diet – Day 10

165.8 lbs / 17.7% bf / 62.8% water I guess this is just my body composition. Not really seeing much change. I feel like I’ve been sticking to the plan pretty well. I could probably be more consistent with the exercises, but still. Breakfast AGG+GB5 2 eggs cabbage and onions wasn’t really hungry, didn’t eat [...]

Dietary Supplements

I just ordered a shitload of supplements from Amazon for my diet. I ordered the recommended stack from The 4 Hour Body (allicin garlic, alpha-lipoic acid, policosanol, and decaf green tea extract) for fat loss to accompany the slow carb diet. I also ordered several supplements for my brain; ginko biloba for brain function and [...]