Friday, 26 January 2018

Really really setting the default browser is XFCE

I had the problem that Evolution kept opening Firefox when I’d click a link even though I have Google Chrome set as my default browser in the XFCE Settings. After a little digging, I found this obscure post. Issueing the first command gvfs-mime --query x-scheme-handler/http told me :

This tool has been deprecated, use ‘gio mime’ instead.
See ‘gio help mime’ for more info.

gio: Unknown option –query


Get or set the handler for a mimetype.

If no handler is given, lists registered and recommended applications
for the mimetype. If a handler is given, it is set as the default
handler for the mimetype.

Aha! so then the command gio mime x-scheme-handler/http told me :

Default application for “x-scheme-handler/http”: firefox.desktop
Registered applications:
Recommended applications:

Well that’s weird. It looks like Google Chrome is first in line after all. So what the eff? No matter, I’ll force it. I don’t usually try to force things, because that’s oftentimes how you break stuff, but this should be fine.

$ gio mime x-scheme-handler/http google-chrome.desktop
Set google-chrome.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/http

And don’t forget HTTPS!

$ gio mime x-scheme-handler/https google-chrome.desktop
Set google-chrome.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/https

Boom. Don’t even have to logout and back in.

Thursday, 25 January 2018


I finally decided that today was the day to knock out some sprints. I’ve pretty much just been running/jogging longer distances of 3-5 miles, but I know I need to develop those twitch fibers. So I rolled out of bed at about 9 am, laced up my trail shoes and jogged down to the public soccer field, with Hootanny, for warm up. I decided to sprint goal to goal, then walk back. I tried to get Hoot to sprint with me, but by the 3rd rep, she just laid down in the middle and watched me run and walk by.

It was kinda weird though. I realized in my first sprint that I’d almost forgotten how to sprint! I noticed toward the end of that first rep that I was trying to keep my distance form for a sprint. Doesn’t work great. I had to make myself drop my arms to my sides, pump my arms and lean forward way more! I’d gotten so used to my upright, super-efficient form, that I didn’t fall into sprint form automatically. By about the 3rd or 4th one, I feel like I was getting the hang of it again.

Just 6 sprints though and I was done. I didn’t want to try to push to far since I haven’t really sprinted in a long time and I could tell I’d already worked hard enough to make my legs super sore for next few days. I’ll need to put this one in the weekly rotation for sure.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Today’s Workout

I’m trying to follow the exercise philosophy from Tim Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Body. Do enough to trigger growth, and go home. I’ve been off the supplements for a while now because they were starting to upset my stomach and I wasn’t seeing results. It’s like that the reason for the lack of results is that I didn’t have a regular exercise plan to go with the diet and supplements. So, here we go.

I got up and drank a Coco-Latte (coffee with coconut oil, agave nectar and vanilla blended to be thick and creamy).

Walked Hoot .9 miles
Ran 3.24 miles in 33 minutes. Shooting for HR between 115 bpm and 140 bpm and a pace of 10 min/mile.
20 minutes of strength training. I’m working on a cinder block routine, so I use 1-2 cinder blocks for props or weights.

  • 20 step overs
  • 60 alternating curls (30 per arm)
  • 15 leg lifts
  • 15 deep pushups
  • 20 tall step ups
  • 18 drag ups
  • 20 russian twists
  • 18 tricep presses
  • 20 full lifts

Immediately drink Shakeology with soy milk and frozen banana.